What We Do

image what we doRF LEGAL is more than just a law firm, as we provide a range of services for your legal needs.

  • Referrals
  • Information
  • Advice
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Casework
  • Advocacy


As a client, you may be confronted with some non-legal issues that require the expertise of another professional. As such, we can link our clients with other like-minded professionals, such as financial experts, accountants, mediators and counsellors who can complement the legal support provided by RF LEGAL.


Prevention is better than the cure and this applies to legal matters, where it is vital that you are given the best information to make an informed decision.
We are happy to discuss your legal query in confidence with a one-on-one appointment, which would give you an opportunity to explore all your options. Whether this information is one-off, or provided over several consultations, we will ensure that you will receive all the support that you need to make the best decision.

Reaching out to the community

We also have experience in conducting legal information sessions to local community groups, libraries, lawyers and students on a variety of legal topics. In the past, Robert has successfully run sessions with the Cancer Council of Victoria and has recently been invited to host a family law session with a local community legal centre.

To find out more about organising an information session, simply contact RF LEGAL and we would be happy to discuss our availability.