Crime / Intervention Orders

Magistrates-CourtFacing a criminal charge can be stressful. At RF LEGAL, we have the resources and expertise to support you during this process, including court representation.

  • Magistrates’ Court & County Court proceedings
  • Driving offences
  • Infringements
  • General advice
  • Children’s Court proceedings
  • Diversion matters
  • Bail applications
  • Pleas & charge negotiation
  • Briefing barristers

Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT)

VOCAT was established to provide assistance to victims of an act of crime. The Tribunal can assist victims of crime with expenses (such as medical, counselling, loss of earnings, special financial assistance) that are needed to help victims with their recovery.

You would not be out-of-pocket by lodging a claim, as legal fees are covered by VOCAT.

The process of a client reliving a crime can be daunting and traumatic, which is why we would handle such matters with the utmost confidentiality and sensitivity. We can assist clients with the following:

  • Applications for compensation
  • Court representation where necessary

Family Violence/ Personal Safety

Your safety and that of your loved ones is your number one priority. If someone is making you fearful for your safety, you may consider applying for an intervention order.

Please contact us for confidential advice in protecting yourself.